Luxury villa for sale

Today I have one more offer for you – a villa for sale golden mile marbella Centrummarbella.
The price of the villa: five hundred thousand euros
Number of rooms: four + kitchen and bathroom
Area: three hundred square meters

When we come to the villa, at first glance we are interested in the position and color of the villa, which is in gold and white. The villa is interestingly built – it has two floors – the first floor at the bottom and the second floor at the top, from which there are large striking straight brown stairs, which you can descend from the second floor or go to the first. In front of the villa is a large garden bordered by a white-gold wall. In front of the house, a small palm tree is planted on the sides of the wall, which gives the villa a holiday impression, so it looks as if the whole house has been in the holiday spirit with the sun all year round. When we enter the first floor through the back entrance, we can notice a large door made of quality glass, which you just have to pull on your side to the side and you can go inside. There is only one room on the first floor – and it is a comfortable living room connected to a large spacious kitchen. In the living room we can see a larger wooden table made of quality brown material and beige chairs around it.


Here, too, we can see a view of the wide surroundings (that is, the sea) from the glass doors, so the house is located close to the sea. From the living room we can walk up the stairs to the second floor, where as the first room we can see two children\’s rooms furnished in gold and a bedroom connected to the bathroom furnished in white-gray base. The whole villa has a luxurious and pompous impression, and if you like this offer, you can contact us either by email or phone. You can call at any time or feel free to write an sms, just don\’t call after 8 pm. Thank you so much.

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